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Tubular Centrifuge

High Speed Sepertation And Clarificaiton


  • Continuous separation of Two immiscible liquids
  • Clarification of Small Quantities of impurities from liquids


  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Chemical & Food Industries
  • Edible Oil Industries
  • Printing Ink Industries
  • Paint Industries
  • Fuel Oil Purification
  • Gum Clarification
  • Blood Fractionation

Mechanical Specifications

 Model  AS 16  AS 26

 Bowl Speed



 Max. Centrifugal Force



 Total Bowl Capacity

 6 Liters

  9 Liters

 Bowl Dirt Holding Capacity

 3.5 liters

  5.25 liters


 17.5 Kg.

  25. Kg.

  • Pilot Plant   : Pilot Plant is available
  • Spares Parts : All major spare parts are available ex-stock.

Bowl Assembly

Bowl which is rotating at 15000 r.p.m is made out of centrifugal castings and consists of top cover, bottom cover, three wing assembly and main rotor.

Operation Of Tubular Centrifuge

The Tubular Centrifuge comprises of bowl, specially designed slow acceleration motor & starter. The bowl rotates at 15000 r.p.m. generating a centrifugal force of 16000 times the gravitational force. The liquid mixture to be separated enters the nozzle of the Centrifuge placed at the bottom base. The Centrifugal force acts on the liquid entering to their specific gravities. The lighter liquid forms the inside layer and heavier liquid forms the outside (Toward wall to bowl) layer. Since the Mixture is entering continuously in the bowl, two phases are discharged continuously from two separate holes provided on the top portion of the bowl. During clarification job, one discharge hole of the bowl is closed and continuous discharged on clarified liquid is possible. Solids accumulated inside the bowl can be removed manually after stopping the machine.
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