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Tubular Centrifuge
The Tubular Centrifuge comprises of bowl, specially designed slow acceleration motor & starter. The bowl rotates at 15000 r.p.m. generating a centrifugal force of 16000 times the gravitational force. The liquid mixture to be separated enters the nozzle of the Centrifuge placed at the bottom base.
Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

For filtration of liquids with solid content up to 5 to 7 % in edible oil, chemical, food & pharmaceutical industry. Areas up to 100 M2 with dry or wet cake discharge.

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter
For filtration of liquid with higher solid content in edible oil, chemical food & pharmaceutical industry. Areas up to 200 M2 with dry or wet cake discharge. Opening and closing of filter by hydraulically operated bayonet clamp ring. Shell or bundle retraction.
Sparkler Filter
Pharmaceutical Industries. Food Processing Industries. Varnish, Lacquer & Resin Industries. Chemical & Beverage Industries. Electroplating Industries.
Polishing Filter

Single or multibag Polishing filter are basically used for post filtration. The basket are fitted with quick opening type arrangement, Filter bags used on polister, PP, PPS or special material depending on the process.

Candle Filter
SAP make candle filter provides pressure filtration as well as heel filtration in an enclosed and pressure tight housing. The filter media can be any type of cloth with a clean removal efficiency in the 1-5 micron range. As the cake builds up on the candles the efficiency Improves to less than 1 micron.
Cartridge Filter
SAP make cartridge filter is using for line filtration. Housing is made of S.S.304 & S.S.316. Cartridges are reusable or disposable. S.S sintered, wire mesh and PP cartridge are available.
Vibro Screen
SAP is leading manufacturer & supplier of Vibro Screen. It consists a circular gyratory screens used to separate solids from solids, liquids from solid and for gradation of materials.
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